Frozen Abalone

About Liquid Freezing

Liquid freezer is the leading system that definitely improves our production rate, and in addition is economical, safe, and most efficient.

In this age of “gourmet” seeking, there are higher and higher demands for better taste, safety, and nutrition. Our freezer is a revolutionary freezer, which takes an approach into the new world of liquid freezing. This system uses ethanol (non-toxic alcohol) as its refrigerant, and is absolutely different from conventional freezing system of gas freezing. It is a super-rapid freezer that can create frozen product in a most fresh condition, and in large quality. It is the ultimate freezing system that keeps the freshness, and the delicate taste of food, that matches the new coming generation.

The Dipping System

The “Frozen Liquid” or the refrigerant (can be set to any temperature -20 degree to -30 degree). When the item to be frozen is dipped into the tank, the item will be frozen evenly to the core. This is due to the heat conductivity of liquid compared to gas. This leads to a much higher heat conductivity rate, which then freezes the item rapidly, and in high quality condition. As a result, there will be no freezer burn, nor crystallization layer forming, as it does in conventional system.

The Super rapid freezing process

Freezing time can be cut down to 1/20th of the time required by vapor freezing. Almost no ice crystals form in food, and no damage at the cellular level, because the super-rapid freezing method goes through the crystallization band (which is from 0 degree to -5 degree) in a flash. This means that item can be preserved for longer period without losing its freshness.

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