Tasmanian Abalone

Tasmania Green Lip Abalone

This is the world’s best quality of beautiful taste ahead of a Japanese product. The basis of taste is inhabited a deep place than a normal abalone and is born by truly pure water of Tasmania and special seaweed. Tas Live Abalone brings more depth and stability in taste by our original epoch-making manufacturing method. The finished colour is golden along with the tenderness and rich deep taste which surpasses the Japanese dried abalone. The proof is proven of the taste by the ration of the ingredients Glycine and Glutamic acid. Its beautiful shape assumes heart form. And it becomes a more beautiful colour by cooking. Once cut it appears a beautiful orange color inside, and can give an impression to be great for a special day.


Tasmanian Black Lip

Our next generation product will support future demands in the global shortage of dry abalone. Tas Live Abalone creates Kippin and Monpao style, based on the Japanese manufacturing method. By our special technology, Tas Live Abalone Pty Ltd obtains a high standard and quality of product demanded from our customers.

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