Tour Operators Information


Thank you for including Tas Live Abalone in your tour of Tasmania

The information contained in this page is intended to ensure each tour is a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

1 About Tas Live Abalone

Tas Live Abalone is a boutique Abalone marketing company operating from a “State of the Art” processing facility, located at Mornington in Tasmania. Tas Live Abalone primarily exports a variety of Premium Wild Abalone products to international markets around the world.
The facility is conveniently located only ten minutes drive from the Hobart airport and in peak times operates 24/7. The tour you will be leading your participants on is a tour of a working factory.
Accordingly it is an industrial environment. Whilst we endeavour to make the tour as interactive and free ranging as possible, there are certain legislative obligations we must observe to maintain a safe and healthy environment.
Our premises are export approved and are required to meet stringent standards to maintain our accreditation. We operate in a marine environment where a number of hazards exist due to the ever presence of water, therefore occupational health and safety is considered a priority.

2 Our Requirements

We request that participants are informed that they are required at all times to observe the guidance and instruction of the personnel conducting the tour, and to only go to areas that are designated as safe.
Register must be completed by our booking system, phone or email prior to the tour commencing.
The visitor register is a requirement of both AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) legislation and Tasmanian Occupational Health and Safety legislation.
Admission to the facility cannot be granted unless the register is complete.
The register also assists our office personnel in issuing receipts, which is a requirement of the Tasmanian Sea Fisheries Legislation, with regard to the purchasing and possessing Abalone and other Seafood products.

3 Opportunity To Purchase

At the end of the tour, participants will be given the opportunity to purchase a variety of Abalone and other seasonal Tasmanian produce.
We accept cash and all major credit cards except American Express.
We package any product purchased free of charge to international travel requirements.
We supply receipts for all products purchased to the requirements of applicable legislation.
If required, we can store the purchased product in a safe manner for collection at a time more convenient to departure from our state.
Attached to this document is a product and price list for your information.
Where possible we have included prices, but as we are exporting seasonal produce to global markets some of our products are subject to price change on a daily basis.


Thank you for taking the time to read this information and we hope the tour is an enjoyable and valuable experience for all participants.